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Silver Bullet Tips Aglets by Slickies


High-quality premium Silver Bullet Tips. Laces sold separately. Comes in 2 pairs (4 pieces).

Super Glue will be provided, free of charge. Overseas customers may not be able to receive the glue due to CUSTOMS. Please check your local import rules. 

Length: 2.2CM, Diameter: 3.8MM

The smooth silver surface is extremely shiny and has been polished to maximise the shine even further. The top of the bullet tips is softly rounded to give it a bullet-tip shape. It can be fitted on most lace tips but do note that you might have to alter the length of the tip to fit these Bullet Tips as the length is only 2.2CM. Please also check the diameter of your lace tips to ensure that it can fit into these Bullet Tips.

All international mails will be made through DHL Global Mail and will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

You will be able to track your packages (100% Tracking) all the way to your doorstep. 

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SGD7.50 (approx USD5) Flat Fee for Registered Mail with Tracking Number. Flat rate with no weight limit.


Free Normal Mail. Additional SGD3.80 for SMARTPAC Registered Mail.

SLICKIESLACES will not be held liable for the loss of normal postage parcels. Normal postage parcels have no tracking number, and as such can't be traced in the event that it's lost.

MALAYSIA (excluding Brunei)

SGD3.50 Flat Fee for Registered Mail with Tracking Number. 


SGD10.00 Flat Fee for Registered Mail with Tracking Number.


This is a sizing guide for ALL LACES in Slickieslaces. For available lengths for a particular set of laces, please refer to the Description Tab.

For accurate lengths, please measure your own shoelaces and gauge which length you should get. This is just a guide. In general 3-4 eyelets should get 80CM-100CM and 5-7 eyelets is 120CM.


Recommended Length

NMD R1 (3 Eyelets)

80CM – 90CM (80CM for less excess lace)

Ultra Boost

90CM – 100CM (80CM for no-tie look) (90CM is for 1 single knot)

Ultra Boost Uncaged

80CM – 90CM (80CM for less excess lace)


4 Eyelets – 90CM

5 Eyelets – 90CM (Very small bow)

                   110-120CM (Stock lace length)

NIKE Roshe

90CM – 100CM

Yeezy Boost 350





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