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SNEAKERGUARD Midsole Paint Marker Pen - Metallic Copper

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We are able to ship this Midsole Pen internationally.

SNEAKERGUARD Midsole Paint Marker is formulated specially to treat and restore yellowing BOOST midsoles, back to life using specialised paint. It is perfect for tidying up marks and blemishes on your midsoles to get your shoes looking like new again! Not just just BOOST, these can be used on all rubber midsoles too! (Airmax, Jordans etc).

Our Metallic Paints will give your kicks a metallic sheen! Recommended to be applied on a light colored base coat (White).

  • Acrylic Based Permanent Paint, commonly used by professionals in sneaker customisation.
  • Water Resistant and Durable
  • Crack Resistant
  • Natural matte finishing 
  • Easy to apply as it is in pen form
  • Pump Action system for optimum flow control
  • Good for many pairs.
  • Cheapest in the market without compromising on quality
  • Can be used on all rubber/boost midsoles

Looking to provide an additional layer of protection? We recommend to use SNEAKERGUARD's Acrylic Finisher to complete the midsole paint job.


Purchase a set of Acrylic Finisher Pen and Metallic Copper Pen (Normal Size, not mini) at a promotional price.

 Note: As this pen has a removable tip, shake only with cap on. Do NOT shake vigorously. 

Customer Reviews

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Sneakerguard sloved my problem

My one year old UB sole start to have stains. In order to get clean look I tried the Copper Sneakerguard. It turn out awesome. Thanks slickieslaces for this wonderful product