Shoelace Recommendations - ADIDAS EQT 3/3F15 Primeknit (New Release)

adidas eqt 3/3f15 primeknit

Shoe Colors

Black, White, Grey, Green. Brown and White.

Laceswap Recommendations

The Adidas EQT is getting an update! The new 3/3F15 model is the perfect combination of the Y3s and Boosts. The lacing of the shoes looks a little weird at first but I am really digging it. If you look closer at the picture above, you can actually see the "3/3F15" sewn into the upper itself. These pair will be released over the weekend so keep your eyes peeled! Good luck copping! Click below for recommended shoelace.

2tone oreo rope shoelaces2tone charcoal grey rope shoelaces


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