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TUTORIAL - How To Tie Shoelaces For Running Shoes (VIDEO)

Feb 1, 2016 · Tutorial

There are so many different ways to tie your shoelaces and while most of us go for just the aesthetics, runners go for functionality. As a frequent jogger, my running shoes are laced in a different way from my weekly kicks rotation as running places a different kind of stress on my feet and it is important that you lace them properly so as not to sustain any long term injury.

From properly utilising the "Runner's Loop" to the "Bruised Toe" lacing, this video teaches you how to properly lace your running shoes according to your needs. Personally, I use the parallel lacing with the "Runner's Loop" as I have extremely wide feet and it always feel extremely tight and uncomfortable when wearing shoes for an extended period of time.

Joggers and runners or anyone who exercises frequently for that matter will find this video helpful in finding that proper lacing technique for your shoes.

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