Largest collection of Japanese Katakana Flat Laces in the world!

Largest collection of Japanese Katakana Flat Laces in the world!

NMD / Ultra Boost Japanese Katakana Laces and how it all started

5 months ago, Slickieslaces was doing well but we were always trying to find that one product that will help catapult us up. One day, I came across this listing on a marketplace which sold a pair of NMDs at a crazy mark-up because the tabs had the Katakana letterings. From then on, I was inspired to create my first batch of Limited Edition Katakana Laces which till now, is still in demand.

There were lot of issues when I was trying to manufacture these laces. For one, the ink used on laces is not the same as those used when printing T-Shirts. You will never be able to get the same finish on laces as you do on T-Shirts, just based on the fact that the surface of laces is not really that suitable for ink-prints. 

Not just that, using cheap ink, will result in the ink fading over time and running off on your shoes, which will stain them. We got our supplier to test the various inks he had available and managed to find 1 suitable ink after weeks of testing. This ink is now used on all our laces. 

There are many counterfeit Katakana Laces out there. Some have copied our idea, copied our Twitter handle, copied our blog posts, stole our pictures, but we will always be the OG. 

We are working on 7-10 new Katakana Lace colors for the month of August. So stay tuned!

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