ADIDAS NMD R1 OG RE-Release Date

adidas nmd r1 og

The most popular and in demand NMD will be restocked sometime in the next few days. Already, we can already see scalpels and resellers trying to make a quick buck by re-selling these sweer babies here and a crazy ass price. As for me, I will never buy from a re-seller as there will always a risk of it being fake. China is now releasing some Triple A grace replicas and even seasoned sneakerheads are not able to differentiate between a fake and the genuine product. 

Released in 2015, the OG NMD R1 has a Lush Red and Royal Blue spacers, mixed with an all black upper. The classic retro look was an instant hit, and re-sell prices for these are now hitting $1000. Don't miss out on this restock fam. Get your hands on all the raffles you can get :)


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