How should you protect / shield the sole of your sneakers?

How should you protect / shield the sole of your sneakers?

How should you protect / shield the sole of your sneakers?

A few years back, the idea of protecting the sole of your sneakers wouldn't even be the first on your list if you were brainstorming ideas on how to preserve your kicks. But in these days, as the value of sneakers keeps on increasing, the idea of protecting the soles ain't that moot anymore.

So how do we actually protect the soles, considering the heavy duty impact that it goes through everyday. We grind it through concrete, mud, rain and grass and sometimes, we neglect to clean the sole while focusing on the areas that are visible to the public eye.

These are the few steps I take to protect the soles of my sneakers to the best of my ability. Note that I don't do this for all my sneakers, only for those that I deem to be highly valuable.

1) I always carry a set of wet wipes with me, which I always do anyways in case of toilet emergencies, to wipe away any dirt and stains which appears on the midsole of my sneakers. 

2) After each and every wear, I wipe every single inch of the soles clean with another set of wet wipes and let it dry for a day before I put it back onto the display. If you value your sneakers, this is a step you should never miss out on. I do not use wipes sold by sneaker brands as they are overpriced, a simple one bought at the local supermarket would suffice.

3) This is optional but every month, for high value sneakers, I do a cleaning routine with just some water using a hard bristle brush to clean out any pebbles, stubborn dirts that gets stuck in the soles.

4) I cover the soles up with a layer of specialised plastic that was made just for sneakers. This plastic will give 100% protection against wear and tear and will leave your shoes looking brand new. 

SNEAKERGUARD will be releasing its own line of Sole Shields for your sneakers. It is 4 times thicker than the thin flimsy ones in the market right now, and has 100% full traction pads. Thicker grip tapes will also be sold, to provide additional layered protection for the soles. 

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