How To Lace Running Shoes?

How To Lace Running Shoes?

How to Tie the Shoe Laces of your running shoes?

Laces come undone, you trip and you fall. Or, you stop to tie them, resulting in a loss of momentum that will undo the tempo that you have build over the past few kilometers. The thing about running, you need to build a steady rhythm and in order for that to happen, you need to be continuously running. Stopping to tie your shoe laces should not be an issue a runner should face.

If you want to know a method on how to lace a pair of running shoes, refer to the video below. This is a good method which you can emulate for your pair of running shoes. This will ensure that your running shoes is a good fit, prevent heel cage slipping and also prevents your shoe laces from coming undone.

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Shoe Laces for Running Shoes

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