Off-white Bape Bapesta in the works?

Off-white Bape Bapesta in the works?

Off-white Bape Bapesta in the works?


Paris Fashion Week has unveiled some nice pieces coming up in 2019 but the one that got fans excited was definitely the pair that Virgil Abloh was wearing. He debuted a pair of Bathing Ape BAPESTA shoes in black croc-skin uppers and of course the Helvetica font stamping on the medial side. The signature "SHOELACES" font can also be seen on the white flat laces. 

How do you think NIKE will react to this? BAPESTA was infamous back then as it was a clear rip-off of the NIKE's Air Force 1 silhouette which Virgil Abloh worked on too. NIKE probably won't be a big fan of this news but fans are probably excited to see a collaboration between the two giants.

No news of a release date yet. Stay tuned.

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