Why should you protect / shield the sole of your sneakers?

Why should you protect / shield the sole of your sneakers?

Are sole shields really necessary for your sneakers?

Have you ever bought a pair of sneakers and when you decided to finally wear it out, you got a little bit hesitant due as you do not want to ruin its BRAND NEW status? Every little dirt and water that gets on your shoes hurts you every time. If you are one of them, high five!

Protecting the soles of your sneakers have always been  a divisive discussion as there is one camp that is of the opinion of protecting your sneakers, even to the point of layering the sole with a special plastic sheet. There is another group though that says WTF? You're going to wear it anyways, why do you care how the bottom of your shoes look like?

My humble opinion is that sneaker sole shields are not for every pair. There are a select pair of sneakers out there that should be protected due to their history, and also their rarity. You should always rock your shoes, but that does not mean that we need not put some attention to protecting them however you can.

Applying Sole Shields to your sneakers can:

1) Minimise damage to your soles, which may preserve and protect the monetary value of the sneakers.

2) Extend the lifetime of the shoes. By protecting the portion of the shoe which comes into contact with the ground the most, you are extending its lifeline.

3) Minimise yellowing of icy soles.

So should you apply Sole Shields to your sneakers? Yes, especially for high-value sneakers and you want to preserve the overall look and condition of the shoe.

SNEAKERGUARD will be releasing its very own line of Sole Shields very soon. Our Sole Shields will feature a thicker plastic layers, with fully functional traction surface, so there will be no need for added traction pads. Additionally, we will also be providing an option for customers to purchase additional Grip Tapes, for those who want added traction and also an added layer of protection for the sole shields. Look forward to them!

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