Shoelace Lace Swap Recommendations - NIKE Tennis Classic Ultra Flyknit Multicolor Womens

nike tennis classic ultra flyknit multicolor womens

Laceswap Recommendations

If this looks familiar yet weird, don't worry as this was my first reaction too. Is this the latest Flyknit Racer? That was the first question I asked myself but it's actually the same construction as the Racer except the sole has been swapped out with a Tennis Classic sole to give it the vintage tennis shoes look. In some angles, it even looks like the Air Force 1 Lows. Click below for our recommended shoelaces!

 multicolor flat shoelaces

Visit us at Singapore's and South East Asia's Premier Brand of Shoelaces. If you have any other ideas on matching colors and would like to recommend some other laces, feel free to drop me an email.

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