How To Lace Your Sneakers / Swap Your Shoe Laces : NIKE Flyknit Racer Total Orange Revisited

nike flyknit racer orange total

nike flyknit racer total orange

Shoe Laces / Laceswap Recommendations

NIKE has decided to re-visit the past and relive one of the OG colorways that was released back in 2012, the Total Orange Colorway. The upper has been bathed in a vibrant orange hue, accented with grey tongue and white midsole. The medial swoosh is white while the lateral swoosh is black. Laces are grey, extremely boring and should be switched on to complement the vibrant orange color. Click the picture below for our recommended pair of shoelaces!

2tone pumpkin orange rope shoelaces laces


Visit us at Singapore's and South East Asia's Premier Brand of Shoelaces. If you have any other ideas on matching colors and would like to recommend some other laces, feel free to drop me an email.

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