Shoelace Recommendations - ASICS Gel Lyte V Dark Green Forest

asics gel lyte v dark green forest

Shoe Colors

3 shades of green here. Dark Green, light green and dirty green.


What can I say? ASICS Gel Lyte V has one of the most loyal followings. Very similar shape to the Air Max though I am not sure which came first. Obviously, for these pair of kicks, I will not recommend anything other than green. Below are my 2 shoelace recommendations. Click on them if you want to purchase!

3m forest green rope shoelaces2tone lucid green rope shoelaces

3M Reflective Forest Green, 2TONE Lucid Green Rope Shoelaces

Visit us at Singapore's and South East Asia's Premier Brand of Shoelaces. If you think there are other colors and would like to recommend some other laces, feel free to drop me an email.

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