TUTORIAL - How To Tie Shoelaces for Dress Shoes (VIDEO)

January 31, 2016

So how do we lace dress shoes? I am pretty sure some of us go to the office, wearing our dress shoes and tie the shoelaces in the most basic way possible, the criss-cross lacing. To be honest, it' something I did in the past but recently, my job requirements needed me to be more customer facing and I am more conscious of how I dress and what I look. From simple details like belt color, socks color and even how I tie my shoelaces.

I have "upgraded" my dress shoes shoelacing to style to the Parallel Lacing or Bar-Lacing system and I have to say my shoes look much better now. The video above will show how you do the Parallel Lacing system. Don't be boring and stick to the norms. Stand Up and Stand Out. People do judge you on first appearances and how you dress greatly affects that first impression.

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