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Shoelace Recommendations - NIKE Flyknit Free Chukka Mineral Teal Dark Obsidian Hyper Jade

Feb 19, 2016 · Chukka · Flyknit Free · Nike · Recommendations

nike flyknit free chukka mineral teal

Shoe Colors

Teal, Copper Brown, Black and Grey.

Laceswap Recommendations

The initial Flyknit Chukka series has always been with the Lunarlon but they have completely forego that for the free outfitting. For the most part, most of the Flyknit Free Chukka soles have been white, but the ones on these have hints of grey throughout. Definitely one of the best colorways of this series. Click below for recommended shoelaces!

2tone gold brown rope shoelaces2tone jade green rope shoelaces


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