How To Lace Your Sneakers / Swap Your Shoe Laces : ADIDAS NMD R1 Black Trico Stripes

adidas nmd r1 black trico stripes

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ADIDAS Primeknit has got to be the best NMD iteration out of all the other types (Circa Knit, Mesh). The snug fit makes it a contender for the most comfortable pair of kicks out there. The NMD PK returns this winter with a "Black Trico" release, featuring a black (dark grey) upper with blue, red and white stripes and multilingual ADIDAS branding on the heel tab.

I managed to cop one through raffles and I've got to say it is my favorite NMD as of now, topping the Mesh Clear Blue NMDs that I got a few months back. And again, I have a huge complaint with ADIDAS as to why the fuck are they using such a freaking long pair of laces! For 3 pairs of eyelets, length should be 75-80cm but they stuck in a pair of laces that are 90cm long. You can't even tie a proper bow knot with those.

As such, I switched the laces but instead of a black one, I used a white one and the contrasting colors makes the pair of sneakers stand out a little bit more.

Click below for our recommended pair of laces! Here's a picture I took of the Black Trico with a pair of white laces.

adidas nmd r1 black trico

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