Custom Made Enamel / Lapel Pins by SLICKIES.PINS

sneaker pins custom made enamel lapel


Introducing our latest collection, custom made enamel pins by SLICKIES.PINS. SLICKIES.PINS will be a brand that SLICKIES will be cultivating to co-exist with our existing shoe laces brand.

While SLICKIESLACES has mainly been about shoe laces and products revolving around sneakers, we thought that accessory items would be a great fit for our web shop as our customers are highly fashionable individuals who are discerning about what they wear and the little details that go into their everyday outfit.

Our enamel pins goes through a strict quality control, and we remove any and every pins that does not meet our strict standards. That includes any metal tarnishes or bleeding paints.

The first collection to be introduced to our web store is a set of SNEAKER PINS, that consists of several Yeezy Boost 350 inspired pins. These pins are highly detailed and quite closely resemble the original in look and in color.

Below are some pictures of how they look like.

sneaker enamel pins yeezy boost 350 belugasneaker enamel pins yeezy boost 350 copper

Check out our collection of SNEAKER PINS.

Visit us at SLICKIESPINS for one of the largest variety of custom made enamel/lapel pins in the region. If you have any questions or have feedback on our pins, feel free to drop us an email at

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