February 22, 2019 1 min read

Game of Thrones adidas Ultra Boost collection fully revealed

Game of Thrones adidas Ultra Boost collection fully revealed


April is fast approaching and as the world eagerly awaits to find out who will come out tops when George R.R Martin's Game of Thrones HBO series finally ends in 2019, adidas is collaborating with HBO to celebrate one the world's most popular TV series ever. They have come up with 6 different Ultra Boosts, each portraying the many houses / figures in the series.

1) House Targaryen

2) The Night's Watch

3) White Walkers

4) The Targaryen's Dragons

5) House Stark

6) House Lannister

The color schemes of each shoe are meant to represent the different houses/characters and each of these shoes features a phrase or sigil which is easy identifiable.

Rumored to be releasing in 2019, we expect them to be released during the same period where the Game Of Throne's last season will debut in April.

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