How do you determine the length of your shoe laces?

How do you determine the length of your shoe laces?

I have been getting this particular question a lot over the past few years, managing the social media account of Slickies, "what length should I get?". The short answer is, you will have to take a ruler and measure it yourself to accurately determine the length of your laces. While we at Slickies have done our homework  and know the length of some of the more popular sneakers, we do not know all of them.

But apart from using a ruler, how else can we gauge the length of the laces?

1) Number of Eyelets

The number of eyelets will determine how long the shoelaces will be. Typically, those with 3 pairs of eyelets uses 80CM laces, 4 pairs has 100CM length, and 5-7 pairs of eyelets uses 120CM laces. AJs and high-cut Converse sneakers uses 170CM laces.

2) Spacing between the Eyelets

Some shoes have a wide spacing between each pair of eyelets. For example, take the Off-White Presto, it requires a 160CM pair of laces whereas the normal Presto require only 140CM. This is because the tongue of the Off-White Presto is very thick, thus widening the space between each eyelets.

Hope the above imparts some knowledge to you on how to determine the length of your laces. When in doubt, just take them off and measure them using a ruler. Better to be safe than sorry :)

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