How to Clean ADIDAS Ultra Boost / NMD Midsoles - SNEAKERGUARD White Midsole Paint Pen

Whitening and Cleaning your white Adidas Ultra Boost / NMD Midsoles

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If you are one of those that actually rock your pair of sneakers without wrapping them up with saran wrap, you might have noticed or would have already noticed that your shoe's white midsoles may have already starting to yellow.

Let me first tell you that that there is NO WAY to prevent your midsoles from yellowing. Even if you wrap and store it, it will still get yellow. It is a naturally occurring process.

For midsoles that have yellowed, there are several ways in the market to de-yellow them but the most easiest and cost-effective method is to just paint them over with a high-quality acrylic based marker pen to restore them back to its former glory. Acrylic based marker pens, especially high quality ones, provides a matte finish that is exactly the same as the original. I would not advocate using an oil-based Sharpie due to its glossy finish.

Step 1

Clean the midsoles with a cleaning solution (Jason Markk, Crep Protect etc) using the standard hard bristle brush. 

Step 2

Make sure midsoles are dry.

Step 3

Protect the areas above or below the midsole with scotch-tape. This is done to ensure that when applying the paint, you will not color unintended areas.

Step 4

Use SNEAKERGUARD Midsole Pen to color the midsoles. Leave dry for 12 hours.

Step 5

Apply 1 more layer of SNEAKERGUARD Midsole Pen. It will typically take 2-3 layers to whiten it up, depending on the severity of the yellowing.

Step 6

Leave it to dry for another 12 hours. 

Step 7 (Optional)

I would also recommend to finish off the layer of paint with an Acrylic Finisher. The finisher will assist to protect the layer of paint from minor scratches and scuffs. We also have a SNEAKERGUARD Acrylic Finisher in pen form.

Step 8

Rock your kicks!

The above method of whitening your midsole is purely our preferred and recommended way of whitening a midsole.

A set of midsole pen can be used multiple times making it cost-effective and also time-efficient. 

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