How To Lace Your Sneakers / Swap Your Shoe Laces : ADIDAS Ultra Boost 3.0 Triple Black

How To Lace Your Sneakers / Lace Swap : ADIDAS Ultra Boost 3.0 Triple Black

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Yet another Triple Black colorway to hit our wallets. Scheduled to be released on the 1st March 2017, which is today, this Limited (LTD) release is sure to sell out within minutes of opening. In Singapore, stocks are available at only two locations and right now while I am at home sipping my coffee, I am 100% confident that there is a bunch, or many bunches, of 18 year old kids queuing for them. No disrespect to those who is going to cop them, but for those who plan to earn a quick buck through resell, hope you trip over a kerb and skin your knee.

 Not much change to the Primeknit except for a minor one. Keen eyed sneakerheads would notice that the Primeknit pattern has a more detailed stripes. We have matte black cage encompassing the Primeknit, not those bullshit opaque plastic cages. And of course, a Jet Black Boost midsole, guaranteed to make everyone wet.

You can get them at Stadium Goods now, and most online boutique stores will be stocking them pretty soon.

For them shoelaces, switch them out with a solid black pair of shoe laces please. There is a reason why it is called the Triple Black, and not the Greyish Black.

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