March 03, 2017 1 min read

How To Lace Your Sneakers / Swap Your Shoe Laces : ADIDAS NMD R1 Circa Knit Clear Blue

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One of my most treasured pair of NMDs, the NMD R1 Circa Knit Clear Blue is a beauty. The Circa Knit pattern on the upper is extremely breath-taking and should be applied to every NMDs. Primeknit, though comfortable nice, is way over-rated. Aesthetically, I think Circa Knit trumps over Primeknit.

There are very few Circa Knit NMDs available in the market. If I remember correctly, there are only 3, the Clear Blue, Lush Red and the Footlocker Exclusive. They should really make more of these. Excellent breathability. You guys should probably take note that the toe are is wider than the usual NMDs so you should get a half-size smaller.

Like all NMDs, the sneakers came with overly long laces. For the Clear Blue, it comes with 3M Reflective Flat Black Shoe Laces (can get them at Slickieslaces), but I switched them up with a pair of 3M Reflective Rope Black Shoe Laces. It definitely gave the sneakers a more sporty look.

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