How To Lace Your Sneakers / Swap Your Shoe Laces : ADIDAS NMD R2 Triple White

How To Lace Your Sneakers / Swap Your Shoe Laces : ADIDAS NMD R2 Triple White

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Triple this, triple that. There is a never-ending stream of Triple Colors hitting ADIDAS silhouettes the past few months especially on the NMDs and Ultra Boost. The latest Triple White colorway to hit our pockets is the NMD R2 that is due to be released next week on the 6th April.

Have you guys noticed that ADIDAS is doing away with the sock design of the NMD R1s and Ultra Boosts? There is actually a tongue now which means that shoe laces are more important than ever. Previously, whether you did or did not lace your shoes did not actually make much on an impact on the fitting of the shoe as the sock-like upper was made to fit your feet without the need to tighten your shoelaces. However, with the NMD R2, if you do not lace your shoe, it will be loose fitting and very uncomfortable to wear. Not sure how I feel about this, but only time will tell.

For an all white shoe, I will recommend sticking to white laces. Don't go crazy with them. It's meant to be clean but different people have different preferences, feel free to add a dash of color if you feel like it. I would add a pair of 3M White Flat Laces to these.

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