October 07, 2017 1 min read

How to pimp out your ADIDAS NMD R1 Japanese Pack

How to pimp out your ADIDAS NMD R1 Japanese Pack?


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The Triple White and Black NMD R1 PK Japanese Pack was definitely one of the more popular NMD releases in 2017. It was sold out almost instantly in many parts of the world, though it is still available in certain online stores too such as JDSPORTS and Size?.

But you wouldn't want to be caught wearing the same shoes as 10 other guys in the mall would you?

One simple thing any of us can do to make our sneakers stand out and be unique is to swap out the laces with a pair that adds flair and character to your NMDs.

By switching out the boring plain black pair of laces with a pair of Gold Katakana Flat Laces, the NMD R1 Japan Triple Black has a different feel and look from the original. It is definite to attract a lot of attention too. 

Slickieslaces has many other colors, apart from Gold, and you can be sure that you can find to your liking.

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Laces from www.slickieslaces.com

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