How to repair / fix broken Shoe Lace Tips / Aglets?

how to repair shoe laces tips aglets

Step by Step Tutorial on How To Repair Frayed Shoe Laces Tips / Aglets

Frayed shoelaces are annoying as hell and though you would like to look for replacement laces, most of the times the exact color and length is not available in the market. So what then can you do to salvage that broken pair of laces? This is a quick fix that I used on my own pair of laces, and also a method that I use to shorten shoe laces for use on other sneakers.

What You Need

1) Scissors

2) Scotch Tape

3) Thread


Step 1 - Tie the frayed tips with a thread

What you need to do here is to work your way up from the bottom of the frayed portion, and tie it round the  frayed portion of the shoe laces till the top. Make sure the loops are tight and firm. Your end result should be a very solid lace tip, that is tied with thread from top to bottom. Try not to make it too thick, as you may not fit the shoe eyelets at the end.

Step 2 - Wrap it with scotch tape

Some people recommend to get shrink-wrap but this is not so readily available at your neighborhood store so I will just recommend using scotch tape. Cut a strip of scotch tape, with the width being similar to your lace tip length. Just gently wrap it around the lace tips, and make sure that it is tightly woven. And you're done! This is a quick fix for you :)

Step 3 - Wrap your lace tips with replacement metal tips / aglets

This is an entirely optional step. Some might find the end result of step 2 being ugly and would like to be more aesthetically pleasing. You can purchase replacement metal tips and use it to encase the your shoe lace tips with it for a more cleaner look.

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