How to turn your brand new sneakers into an aged vintage?

It's not very difficult actually. There are 2 ways about it.

The first is simple, that is to just wear your shoes and wait for maybe 6 months for your shoes to be slightly worn down and there you have it, an aged pair of sneakers.

But what if you can't wait for 6 months and want that aged vintage look now instead? Let me help you.

Firstly, you need good  cream pair of laces. This is an essential component if you want the neo-vintage sneaker look. Second, you will need to give the midsoles a worn look with our  Sneakerguard Midsole Pen.

cream laces vintagesneakerguard midsole pen vintage

With these two products, you can give any pair of sneakers the aged vintage look easily in a matter of minutes.

Check out our video where we turned a brand new pair of Spartan Green Dunk Lows into a neo-vintage pair of sneakers.

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