"HUMAN RACE" Japanese Kanji Flat Shoe Laces for Ultra Boost/NMD is out!

japanese human race kanji shoe laces

The 1st Japanese Katakana Laces collection was a crazy overnight success. Stocks were sold out within a week of release which considering the lack of marketing, was a pleasant surprise for our team.

These Japanese inspired laces were definitely not an impulse decision to make. We were always inspired by the minimalist and clean cut look of Japanese design and as such, decided to mimic that minimalist look on our laces.

The "HUMAN RACE" Kanji laces were inspired by one of Pharrell's unreleased NMDs. Not sure why he never release those, but we thought that in these times of turbulence, "Human Race" was an apt reminder to all of us that we are all one in our love for sneakers and ultimately, our love for the world.

Peace out.

You can cop these laces over at "HUMAN RACE". 

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