February 15, 2019 1 min read

Is the NIKE x Off-white collaboration coming to an end?

Is the NIKE x Off-white collaboration coming to an end?


 When the Air Max 90 Off-white released last week, it dawned upon me that this was the last of "The Ten" collection which meant that after, there may not be any more NIKE x Off-white sneakers in the future. It was not a very happy thought to say the least. Hate or love them, you have to admit that Off-white x Virgil Abloh has played a huge role in revitalising the streetwear scene. 

But will this collaboration with NIKE end? The good news is that Virgil or NIKE has never once confirmed any rumors. All we know that this is the end of "The Ten" collection but as to the question of whether there will be a new range coming up, we can only pray for good news.

On a business perspective, it will be a dumb move by both NIKE and Off-white if they both decide to end this collaboration. The collaboration has yet to fulfil its highest potential and there are still more that they can provide for us eager consumers. What are your thoughts?

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