Sneaker Midsole Stainer - How to get that aged cream and sail look on the midsole?

sneaker midsole stainer

Sneaker Midsole Stainer - How to get that aged cream and sail look on the midsole? | Slickieslaces


The Neo-Vintage movement is growing day by day as more sneakerheads learn to appreciate the worn out and used vintage look of sneakers. Coupled with the sudden revival and demand of 1985' sneakers and also the re-releases of OG 1985 Jordan colorways, there has also a noticeable increase in sneaker customisers providing "ageing" services.

That's where we come in, we provide the laces and the sneaker midsole stainer to help common people achieve the vintage look without paying exorbitant prices. The sneaker midsole stainer helps you achieve the aged look, turning the midsole into cream or sail. Coupled with cream or any one of our aged vintage laces, you can get your very own vintage look without the heavy prices.

See the video below on how we turned the Dunk Low Spartan Green into a vintage shoe using our sneaker midsole stainer and some cream laces.

 sneaker midsole stainer

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