Ultra Boost 2.0 "Clear Grey" is returning to stores

Ultra Boost 2.0 "Clear Grey" is returning to stores

Ultra Boost 2.0 "Clear Grey" is restocking


Back in 2016, Ultra Boost was the most popular sneaker silhouette on planet Earth, and you can't even see a pair sitting on Adidas stores. Fast forward to end 2018, we have now an Ultra Boost 4.0 which are now sadly sitting in stores. As a fan of the Ultra Boost, I must admit that after the 2.0, Adidas has been lazy in its design. Opting for simple lines in the 3.0, which signalled the downfall in its popularity, they tried to atone for their mistakes in the 4.0 by designing something similar to the 1.0's knit design but it may be a little too late.

ADIDAS's strategy now is clearly bringing back the OG's hoping something would change. We have seen restocks of many popular Ultra Boost 1.0 and 2.0 colorways, and tomorrow's December 7th restock of the "Clear Grey" colorway is just another restock in its schedule. I pray ADIDAS has bigger plans in the future, as it will be sad to see this silhouette fade to nothing.

Is Adidas making the right move in bringing back these old colorways?

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