Where to buy Adidas NMD Human Race shoe laces?

Where to buy Adidas NMD Human Race shoe laces?

Where to buy NMD HUMAN RACE laces?

Check out our HUMAN RACE laces collection.

First off, let's confirm the length of the NMD Human Race. The stock length of the laces that comes with the shoes is approximately 141CM. I recommend to get 140CM for our website at Slickieslaces.com.

As for the width of the laces, I would be careful not to purchase laces that are too thin as it would not look as good on the Human Race. I would recommend a minimum width of 4.5MM. The width of the stock laces is around 4.5MM. Those found on Slickieslaces.com. are around 4.5MM-5MM. These laces, at 120CM, are also great for the Yeezy Boost 350.

That is the beauty of the ADIDAS NMD Human Race. Pharrell has done great job in designing these beauties. They are full of color and full of life, and laceswapping these kicks with different colored laces, adds more to the overall look instead of making them look weird.

Our HUMAN RACE laces comes in 10 different colors (new colors coming up) and can be purchased by clicking the link below.

Full Collection of HUMAN RACE LACES - Buy Here

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