May 30, 2019 1 min read

Where to buy Sail White Shoe Laces for Air Jordan 1?

Where to buy Sail White Shoe Laces for Air Jordan 1?


The "Sail White" color is widely used in the Air Jordan silhouette. While it may not be the main color of the shoe, it is used frequently on the midsoles and as accents on many of the popular colorways such as the Phantom and Turbo Green. And yet, there is no one out there making laces for these. Why?

The "Sail White" is a difficult color to match as it is not exactly white and not cream either. It is somewhere between the two colors and if you are familiar with fabrics or with the color spectrum, you will know that in between white and cream, there are tens of different shades of white. Getting that correct shade is the biggest problem.

We have managed to work closely with our manufacturing partner and replicate the closest match in the market right now to the Sail White colored laces.

Click here to view Sail White Air Jordan 1 Laces  

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