Where to buy the OFF-WHITE x NIKE "SHOELACES" Laces?

off white shoelaces nike blazer

This is where you can cop the NIKE OFF-WHITE "SHOELACES" Laces.


2017 has got to be the year of the OFF-WHITE x NIKE the "Ten" collaboration. Resell prices for some of the shoes have shot through the roof, reaching audacious prices as high as $5,000. Not since the Pigeon SBs, or the Eminem Jordans have we seen such high resell prices.

If you're one of the lucky ones who managed to cop one through a raffle, or one of those pockets deep enough to splurge on one, good for you :) For those did not, we can just suck it up and look forward to the next pair of sneakers. 

One of the highlights of the NIKE x OFF-WHITE Collaboration sneakers have got to be the unique shoelaces that they have. The word "SHOELACES" are printed on the ends of each pair of laces. Slickieslaces have been able to manufacture these laces and are now selling them in 5 different lengths. You can use them on NMDs to Jordans. The OFF-WHITE "Shoelaces" can be purchased at the following link below.




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