May 31, 2019 2 min read

Where to buy Varsity / University Red Shoe Laces for Air Jordan 1?

Where to buy Varsity / University Red Shoe Laces for Air Jordan 1?


No color is more synonymous to the Air Jordan 1 silhouette than the Varsity Red, otherwise also known as University Red. Look at the most popular Air Jordan 1 sneakers and you will find that more than 50% of them will have Varsity/University Red as one of their colors. Think Banned, Homage to Homme, Spiderman etc.

The Varsity Red is a special shade of red. We have combed through different Air Jordan 1 sneakers and interestingly, we discovered that throughout the many different releases, there are many shades of red used by NIKE to represent the Varsity/University Red. It is not just 1 fixed shade. All of them looks similar to the untrained eye, but on closer inspection, it has slight variations.

A good pair of Varsity / University Red laces should have a dark and deep shade of red. It should not be a bright red which is sold by most lace sellers out there.

Here at Slickies, we have created the perfect shade of University / Varsity Red laces to match all your Air Jordan 1 sneakers. It will match all of Jordan's shoes with no problems. 

Click here to purchase University / Varsity Red laces for Air Jordan 1

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