ADIDAS Ultra Boost / NMD Shoe Laces

nmd ultra boost shoe laces

NMD Laces too long? Looking for ADIDAS Ultra Boost or ADIDAS NMD Shoe Laces replacement? These laces are manufactured specially for the ADIDAS Boost shoes series, which includes many silhouettes like the Ultra Boost, Pure Boost, NMD Runner etc. Our BOOST collection is divided into 2 sub-collections, the NMD and Ultra Boost.
All our laces in the Boost collection can be used for shoes with 3-4 eyelets. Recommended to be used on the Tubular, NIKE Roshe etc. Most of our lace tips are slim enough to be fitted through the eyelets, so that you can easily swap them. Can be use on the EQT too, however laces might be short.