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Men's And Women's No Show Socks Pack Of 3 - Slickies
Men's And Women's No Show Socks Pack Of 3 - Slickies
Men's And Women's No Show Socks Pack Of 3 - Slickies
Men's And Women's No Show Socks Pack Of 3 - Slickies
Men's And Women's No Show Socks Pack Of 3 - Slickies
Men's And Women's No Show Socks Pack Of 3 - Slickies
Men's And Women's No Show Socks Pack Of 3 - Slickies
Men's And Women's No Show Socks Pack Of 3 - Slickies
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⟶ Custom Dyed

⟶ 100% Exact Stock Specifications

⟶ Made to last

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OR, why not build your own bundle? with this bundle you can buy 3 pairs and get a 4th pair for free! click the button above to start building.


Sockless look is essential to show off your sneakers, but the discomfort and smelly feet that comes with it is not. We created these socks to specifically end all these seemingly normal issues, and stop the terrible no show socks experiences.

Each order comes in a pack of 3 pairs of socks.


Size S - EUR35-38, UK2-5.5, USM4-6, USW4-7.5

Size M - EUR39-42, UK6-9, USM6.5-10, USW8-11.5

Size L - EUR43-46, UK9.5<, USM10.5<, USW12<


Our no show socks will stay on, guaranteed. The extra large non-slip silicone pad ensures that the stock remains up always. The stretchy and wide flat sock collar also helps in ensuring that the sock wraps your foot securely, preventing it from slipping off.


A premium bland of cotton and spandex makes you feel like a pillow is enveloping your foot, making it the most breathable and comfortable no show socks you will ever wear.


We face this problem regularly and we know first-hand how embarassing this can be. But no worries,  our ultra-absorbent cotton material will put an end to this smelly problem.


Designed to not eat into your skin and leave unsightly marks. Say goodbye to painful sock marks.


Stop buying sub-par laces

It's 2024, you should not settle for low-quality generic colored laces. We want laces that actually matches the shoe.

We created a RIGOROUS color matching process to ensure..

exact color match with the sneakers before every manufacturing run. Every custom lace at SLICKIES goes through this strict process to ensure premium quality. This is also one of the reasons why you can be rest assured you get the colors that you want and expect.

1. Purchasing the sneakers

The number 1 most important step. How can you make matching laces when you don't have the sneakers.

2. Matching the colors

We use a spectrophotometer and the PANTONE color book to do the initial color matching

3. Discussion with the manufacturer

Some colors are harder to make and that is why this step is important to ensure that both us and the manufacturer have the same common understanding of what the customer needs.

4. Samples

This is an expensive process. We have an MOQ of 500 pairs for each color we make and if the first batch is not as we expect (happens regularly), we then have to remake a second batch.

5. Last Resort

This don't happen usually, but if we can't get the colors right, we will ship the shoe directly to the manufacturer for them to match.

Strict Process. Premium Products.

We don't do generic laces. Every shade of color you see on our laces are specifically chosen to be that way, even the blacks and the whites. SLICKIES create the best after-market laces.

Are you ready for the perfect laceswap?


Our customers love us..

and for very good reasons

The laces I received go great with my Jordan 1’s! The color of the laces are spot on from the picture!

John Whiteside ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Never thought I’d find laces to match the blue in the military blue 4’s but you all came through with the perfect color glad I purchased them.

William Bass ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The length and color are a perfect match for the Jordan 4 red cement. I hope you continue to make more laces to match Jordan retros.

Jordan Mahaffey ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

so why do the hell do we know what we're talking about?

Valid question. Let us explain our credentials.

So yeah, we know a thing or two about shoelaces. More than a decade in the business has taught us a lot and our experience shows in our laces.

If there's anything else we can help with, drop us an email at support@slickieslaces.com


100% Custom dyed laces to match your sneakers.


I understand our products are sold at a premium. Let us explain why.

  • We purchase every single new pair of releases, and ship it over to our overseas manufacturer.
  • We match colors and purchase samples which has a minimum of 500 pairs.
  • We typically need 2 rounds of samples to get the color right.
  • We then have to ship products over to our warehouse in the United States.

Our laces are not generic colored laces. These colors are specifically made for us and we are confident that there is no one out there that carry our specific shade of colored laces.

For the United States, we ship exclusively through USPS and it costs $7. Free shipping for all orders above $40.

All orders, unless PREORDER, will be shipped out within 24 hours or 1 working day.

Yes. Simply email us instantly after you purchased and we can help amend your order.

However, we won't be able to amend once the order has been shipped out.

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