COVID-19 and how it will affect your shipment

Thank you for supporting us

The ongoing COVID-19 virus has sent shockwaves all over the world leaving no countries unaffected. Countries have gone on lockdown and citizens advised to remain at home to maintain social distancing in order to flatten the curve and slow down the spread of this deadly virus. We thank you for still shopping on our site despite this unfortunate situation.

Are you guys still shipping out packages?

Fortunately, in most countries, courier services are considered essential services and are still running. We are still shipping out packages to you in a timely manner. 

Will there be any delays?

Yes. We have to warn you that shipping delays are real. While we can ship it out on time, it may take approximately 30 to even 60 days for the package to reach you, and we are not able to investigate or expedite the shipping. Tracking updates are almost non-existent and very slow due to this COVID-19 situation. Postal Services worldwide are overwhelmed and are restricted by precautionary measures put in place by the government to slow down the spread of the virus.

We repeat. Overseas / International customers NEED to understand that there will be delays. As we are utilising the postal service network to ship your products to you, there WILL be long delays as the international flight network has yet to be fully restored due to the COVID-19 situation. Again, this is not an excuse. You only need to do minor research on the internet to verify the news.

Can I cancel or edit my orders?

 Unfortunately, we do not allow any cancellation or edit of orders (we do not allow retrospective application of discounts). Please make a purchase only IF you are willing to wait.

The below does not affect USA shipments.