SHOE LACES LENGTH GUIDE: How do I determine the length of my ADIDAS Ultra Boost shoelaces?

adidas ultra boost uncaged

Step 1

Count the number of eyelets.

Step 2

3 Pairs of Eyelets - Recommended length is 80cm-90cm

4 Pairs of Eyelets - Recommended length is 95cm-105cm

The ADIDAS Ultra Boost Uncaged and NMD series, which comes with 3 pairs of eyelets, require much shorter laces. Especially for the NMDs, which comes at a ridiculously long pair of laces. You should probably change it to shorter ones. 

For the original design Ultra Boost (with cage) that comes with 4 pairs of eyelets, I determined that 95cm is the most appropriate length but you can also use up to 105cm for your laces. For the caged boost, if you also utilise the underside of the Boost cage to tie your laces, you can also laces that are 120cm and above. Refer to this link for the lacing method.

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