How To Clean/Restore the BOOST midsole of your ADIDAS Ultra Boost / NMD Sneakers

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How To Clean/Restore the BOOST midsole of your ADIDAS Ultra Boost / NMD Sneakers

Basically, a yellow BOOST is a natural occurrence and no matter how hard you try or clean, it WILL happen sooner or later. You can only delay it but you cannot stop it. Deoxidizing agents are a good way to solve this issue for the first few months, but it will return again, and after that, no matter how many times you apply the oxidizing solution, portions of the BOOST will always remain yellow.

Then the question is, how do we turn from YELLOW to WHITE? Easy, all you have to them is paint them over.

midsole paint pen marker sneakerguard white

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SNEAKERGUARD's Midsole Pen Marker allows you to paint your BOOST midsole without the need of a pot of paint, or messy brushes. The Midsole Pen is easy to use and works just as effectively.

SNEAKERGUARD Midsole Paint Marker is formulated specially to treat and restore yellowing BOOST midsoles, back to life using specialised paint.

  • Acrylic Based Permanent Paint, commonly used by professionals in sneaker customisation.
  • Water Proof and Durable
  • Flexible 
  • Natural matte finishing 
  • Easy to apply as it is in pen form
  • Pump Actions system for optimum flow control
  • Good for many pairs.
  • Cheapest in the market without compromising on quality

before and after picture sneakerguard

before and after picture sneakerguard

It is important that you do not just use any white marker to paint over, as the wrong kind of paint/ink would permanently ruin your BOOST material. Instead, use an Acrylic Based Permanent paint. Use the link below to purchase the midsole pen.

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