VIDEO - Crep Protect Vs $2.00 Homemade Sneaker Cleaner

Most of us would know or at least heard of Crep Protect, one of the more well-known sneaker cleaning solutions out there. But how would a $20 cleaning brand fare against $2.00 cleaning method, which consists of some soap, baking soda and water?

If you guys are impatient, and am not willing to watch the whole video, let's just say that $2.00 baking soda solution wins hands down anytime. Personally, as a sneaker collector, I do not own any of the branded cleaning solutions (Jason Markk, Reshoevn8r etc) as I know from past experiences that nothing works better than baking soda and some elbow grease.

Don't waste your money buying expensive solution, just stick to the tried and tested home remedies. However, you could invest in various brushes that is suitable for the many materials of shoes out there. Or you could use a toothbrush :) Click below for some of the brushes we have in-store. Or click HERE for the full collection of sneaker cleaning brushes!

premium shoe cleaning brush standard shoe cleaning brush

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