What causes the white ADIDAS Ultra Boost / NMD BOOST Midsole to turn yellow?

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What causes the white ADIDAS Ultra Boost / NMD BOOST Midsole to turn yellow?


This is the process of losing an electron, or the gaining of oxygen. Some elements lose or gain electrons more easily than others. That's the only as much science as I will talk about, or you guys are going to get confused.

Basically, your BOOST midsole turns yellow because of this chemical reaction. It is a natural process that cannot be stopped.Sooner or later, it will happen no matter what you do to the shoes.

But the question is how do we stop this?

If left open to the elements, the shoe will definitely turn yellow. For soles, innovative individuals over in the US have came up with Sole Protectors that protects the sole from the elements. By covering the soles with a thin sheet of layering, it protects the shoes from water, air, dirt and more. This way, the oxidation of the shoes is slowed down considerably.

The midsole however, is a different ball game altogether. While you can use bleaching agent to whiten it up, it requires a lot of time and is quite complicated to use. The best solution would be to just paint over the yellowing BOOST with specialised paint. 

sneakerguard midsole pen paint marker white

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SNEAKERGUARD Midsole Paint Marker is formulated specially to treat and restore yellowing BOOST midsoles, back to life using specialised paint.

  • Acrylic Based Permanent Paint, commonly used by professionals in sneaker customisation.
  • Water Proof and Durable
  • Flexible and will not track
  • Natural matte finishing that will not look unnatural
  • Easy to apply as it is in pen form
  • Pump Actions system for optimum flow control
  • Good for many pairs.
  • Cheapest in the market without compromising on quality

The marker is good for several uses, depending on the number of coats used per shoe. The paint is permanent and water-proof, which means that the color will not bleed when exposed to the rain. Additionally, when dried, the paint is flexible such that the paint will not crack when flexed.

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